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Mainz Electric, Inc. has been in business since December 28, 1998 and is an S Corporation. We have experience in the Commercial, Residential and Industrial electrical fields. We are a family owned business specializing as an electrical subcontractor. We have extensive experience in new construction, remodeling, and the service field. Our experience goes from your home to restaurants and even historic building restoration. Contact us for help in estimating, designing, and installation for any of your electrical requirements. Thanks for visiting the site. -Glenn Mainz, Owner, 20 years experience, NM Licensed Journeyman.

Phone: 575-434-8334
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Owner: Glenn@MainzElectric.com

Mainz Electric serves every type of customer!

RESIDENTIAL, GOVERNMENT, COMMERCIAL… We’ve worked on everything from regular family houses to large custom homes, public facilities like the convention center in Ruidoso and the Alamogordo fairgrounds, businesses such as various restaurants around town, and even the mini-mall!

Check out our gallery to see some of the many places we’ve serviced in Alamogordo and the surrounding area.

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